To Market, To Market

A photo diary of my trip to Shidya Market in Alexandria:

Shidya Market-90

This vegetable vendor insisted on having his picture taken while he was selling his tomatoes.

Shidya Market-89

I love pita bread almost as much as I love pasta. Watching the little boy go about his work was inspiring, and his boss even let me poke around back a little.

Shidya Market-86

Mmmmmm seafood!

Shidya Market-80

Shidya Market-92

Shidya Market-93 Shidya Market-84 Shidya Market-83

Just a Lennon-loving baker turning out pita bread for the masses.

Shidya Market-82 Shidya Market-85

The fish griller (is that a thing?) was waving and…

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